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We speak English and Spanish.
Tel. +1 (216) 348-0900 * Fax +1 (216) 348-0600
United Office Building * 2012 W. 25th St. Suite 407, Cleveland, OH 44113

We are located in the historic Ohio City Neighborhood of Cleveland, on the south west corner of Lorain and West 25th Street.  Paid parking is available behind our office building, or city parking meters are available around the building.  Free parking is located behind the West Side Market, in the public parking lot.  

Please don't park across the street in the KeyBank/Subway parking lot, you will be towed.  

How do I schedule my appointment?
Call the office between the hours of 9:00a and 4p to schedule your consultation.

Do I need to appear in person at the office?
Our attorneys strongly feel an in person initial interview is preferable to a telephone conversation.  Of course, we understand that work and travel can limit one's ability to appear in person at our office.  When you schedule your free initial consultation, please clarify whether you will attend in person, or whether you wish to have your appointment over the phone.  If you prefer a telephonic appointment, make sure to fax or email us important documents for your case before your appointment.  When it is the date and time of your telephonic appointment, you need to call the office to speak with the attorney.  Also, for most clients in the greater Cleveland area, we strongly encourage you to attend your initial appointment in person.

What will happen at my initial consultation?
You'll receive an in depth analysis of your immigration case by one of our attorneys.

What should I bring to my initial consultation, or provide prior to the appointment?
In order for you to have a successful consultation and to save you time and money, we highly recommend that you bring or provide us all of the documents you have that are related to your case - even if you aren't positive they are important!  

If possible, we request that you bring any of the following items: 

Any passport that was issued to you.

   Any immigration documents you received from the government, Courts, Immigration, or any other authority .

   Any applications you filed with Immigration, any applications that were filed on your behalf, and copies of any documents you sent to any immigration agency or court.  

   Your birth certificate, and those of your children.

   Your marriage certificate(s)and all divorce decrees.

   Any criminal records (including any DUI charges) for any arrests or police encounter.  If you ever went to court, please obtain indictments, police reports, court records, and dispositions of arrest.

   If you are applying for a relative to get residence, then you should also bring three (3) years of your most recent tax returns, or other evidence of how you support yourself financially.

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